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Make Your Delivery Business Win The Battle Against Corona

The Corona Virus pandemic has practically shut down the entire market. The world as a whole is suffering on the financial front in a major way. However, in this battle against corona virus, your business can win.

The food delivery business is experiencing a very high demand now since everyone is locked into their homes. This is why, many businessmen globally are switching to an online food delivery business. With our app that is loaded with features like web order placement as well as app order placement, Contactless deliveries, multiple restaurant options etc., your business is sure to thrive.

Don’t miss out on this one time ticket to success. This could be your biggest chance to help the people of your country get the choice of their meals delivered right to their doorstep even during the lockdown and continue to make money as well!

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foodpanda clone FEATURES

foodpanda clone app features

Here’s presenting our powerful food delivery app, the Foodpanda Clone which would make sure to satiate the hunger of your users and your business at the same time through the commissions made with every delivery! Here are the salient features which we offer with our Foodpanda Clone to make this work,

  • White Labelled App
    White Labelled App

    It is your app, your business, so it should bear your name, correct? We understand your dream and thus offer you a fully white-labeled app as well as web panel in the name of your company as well as a brand with no additional cost to be borne by you for the same.

  • Free 365 Days Bug Support
    Free 365 Days Bug Support

    Our Foodpanda Clone is the best solution to satiating the hunger of your users and it is made by the best in the market making sure it doesn’t face any issues. But if a situation such as this happens, we shall offer you 365 days bug support (one year) FREE of cost.

  • On-Time Delivery
    On-Time Delivery

    We strongly believe in the mantra that time is money and we follow it strongly. Thus, when you come to us for your own foodpanda clone, we shall make sure that the app is all ready to get launched in JUST 3 to 4 DAYS!

  • Apps Installation on iOS Store
    Apps Installation on iOS and Android App/ Play Store

    The installation, upload and configuration of the code, database and web services on the online web server, Google/Android Play Store and Apple/iOS App Store will be done free of cost.

  • Apps Installation on play Store
    Apps Approval on Play Store

    We take 100% responsibility for our apps and follow an optimized as well as ethical method while developing them and avoid any short cuts. Thus, as soon as you come to us with your wish of a Foodpanda Clone, we shall make sure that the app gets quickly approved on the Google Play Store.

  • Advanced Reports
    Advanced Reports

    Using our advanced reports see how much you earn, check where you need to put in more efforts and whether you need to increase the commission or do more marketing. In a nutshell, these reports would help you plan your business in a systematic manner.

  • Lifetime License
    Lifetime License

    Our Foodpanda Clone comes with a lifetime license for your brand/one domain and the best part is that you don’t need to pay any amount for its renewal, you just pay once and it’s done!

  • Advanced Analytics
    Advanced Analytics

    Keep an eye on the activities of the customer as well as the service provider, the number of services booked, commissions earned, customers preferred mode of payment and the area having maximum customers, etc.

  • Responsive Web Panels
    Responsive Web Panels

    Get a 100% responsive web panel for the main website as well as the customer and service provider which would work well across platforms like PC, tablet, Android device, iPhone, iPad and windows and blackberry device, etc.

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Get 100% Ownership of the Foodpanda clone Source Code

It is your app, your business and your dream, so it deserves to have all that you need in this app and be the owner of it completely and fully, not partially!!

We value the emotions you hold with your business and thus when we serve you your dream on a platter, your very own Foodpanda Clone, we make sure that it comes with a 100% Licensed Foodpanda Source Code in compliance with ethical app development so that you as the app owner don’t have to depend on us for the changes that you want to make in your app and you can simply customize or modify the app as per the requirements of the business and your customers and see your business reaching new levels of success!

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Take a Live View of the Foodpanda Clone with this Demo

Why believe us blindly when you can on your own see how the foodpanda clone works. Watch this demo to view the entire working of the foodpanda clone right from the login done by the user till the time the food gets delivered to them.

app screenshots

User App
  • customer app
  • customer app profile
  • food menu
  • recommended food
  • checkout
DeliveryDriver App
  • delivery driver app
  • delivery driver app profile
  • delivery driver gets online
  • accept request
  • current task and new task
Restaurant App
  • retaurant app
  • retaurant app profile
  • orders details
  • order pickup
  • track order

Hear Our Clients

We follow a strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Policy which means that nowhere in our portfolio is the name of the client or the fact that we developed the app for them gets revealed. However, some of our clients voluntarily decided to share their feedback of working with us via the video testimonials and giving us the approval to publish the same.

  • A Client fom Africa
    A Client fom Africa
  • Mr. Juan M.
    Mr. Juan M.
  • Mr. Craig
    Mr. Craig
  • Mr. Aamir
    Mr. Aamir
  • Mr. Jean A.
    Mr. Jean A.
  • Mr. Antonio M.
    Mr. Antonio M.
  • Mr. Famous O.
    Mr. Famous O.
  • Mr. Abel
    Mr. Abel
  • Mr. Julio C.
    Mr. Julio C.